Friday, November 14, 2008

Membership Meeting: Nov 17

The next Coalition Membership Meeting will be at 7PM at the Veterans Hospital (7th ST & Indian School Rd.). We wil meet in the ACC (Ambulatory Conference Center) conference room in the basement. Location

Have you tried to ride your bicycle to a bus stop, then watch an arriving bus that already has the bicycle rack full? Are you anticipating using Light-Rail and fine that all 12 racks on a train are used, or are not confident on lifting your bicycle to the wheel hook near the cieling? If yes, LCI and Coalition board member Sharon Newman-Matt has a solution: A FOLDING bicycle. She will demonstrate and answer questions during the program.
Please join us. Munchies and drinks will be provided.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Folding bikes win new fans on region's packed buses

Arizona Republic article, Nov 9, 2008: Folding bikes win new fans on region's packed buses.
Something to watch out for -- too small wheel size can have undesirable legal repercussions.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bike Lane installed on 51st Street

The city of Phoenix has recently installed a bike lane on 51st Street in Phoenix (Ahwatukee), between Warner and Elliot roads [area map]. It is approximately one mile in length. The stretch has appeared (incorrectly) as a bike lane on the MAG Regional Bike Map for years and years.

Formerly, an annoying fog line demarcated an approximately two-foot shoulder, causing confusion about where cyclists should ride. The elimination of the fog line, the source of confusion, IS A DEFINITE PLUS. More details and photos here.