Wednesday, October 29, 2008

South Phoenix: Highline Canal Bicycle Path gets makeover

HURRAY! Our pleas have been heard.
The bike path from 40th St to Central Ave. has had it's potholes patched and has been thoroughly swept of sand, gravel and debris. But most importantly, the approaches to 32nd St. have been fixed with asphalt paving. 32nd St and its bridge over the canal were widened a few months ago, and, basically, the path approaches were ignored by the contractor. Now they are very ridable.

I rode it both directions today (16th St to 40th St). Now there is pavement where there was so much sand washed in that previously I didn't know there was pavement below it! The many cracks are still there, but most are hardly felt and virtually all are at 90-deg to the direction of travel so they are not a problem to steering. The Artistic and Improvement Project will be repaving from 40th St to 12th St over the next six or so months.


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