Monday, December 29, 2008

Light Rail Grand Opening Celebration

The Coalition exhibited at Metro Light Rail's Grand Opening Celebration.

The booth was in Tempe on Opening Day, December 27, at Veteran's Way & College Ave.) from 10AM to 5PM.

More photos from grand opening here.

Cycling and Light-Rail go hand-in-hand since each extends the destination horizons of the other. So whether you are primarily a Light-Rail / Bus rider or primarily a cyclist, you can benefit from using both. We are asking for volunteers to staff the booth. You will be answering questions about bicycles on L-R vehicles and handing out safety fliers. If we have enough volunteers, we may have a second booth at the "Green Scene" in Tempe as well. Please contact if you can help.

L-R rides are free Saturday Dec 27 thru Wednesday, Dec 31 so you can help a couple hours and still have plenty of opportunity to "Ride the Rails" in smooth, quiet comfort with your (optional) bicycle on the rack (video demo).

And don't forget to review the safety considerations of operating around the Light rail.

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