Monday, May 17, 2010

Tour de Payson Revived

CAzBike Pres. Bob Beane (kneeling...or maybe ducking
because he know the hills the riders will soon confront)
with a mini-peloton of some of PMBC's best riders
who have just refueled at SAG #1 on the outward
leg of Doll Baby Ranch Road.
CAzBike president, and Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club member Bob Beane recently organized a revival of the PMBC's Tour de Payson ride, which took place on Saturday, May 8. This event had not been conducted since 2005. This year, the Payson community (Mayor Kenny Evans, Parks & Recreation champion Mary McMullen and local bike/multi-sport shop owner Mick Wolf) stepped up big time to support the event.
73 brave cyclists participated in this scenic but lung-busting adventure. Based on the positive feedback, 100+ riders are expected next year.

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