Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MesaRides kickoff event

Today was a fantastic day for all cyclists in Mesa!

This morning at a Media Event Mayor Scott Smith, City Manager Chris Brady and Police Chief Frank Milstead (who is also an MTB cyclist) together with Dara Schulenberg and Sterling Baer representing "Not One More" and the Brumbys kicked off a major city wide cycling safety initiative called "MesaRides".

Mesa PD Chief Milstead, Dara
and Sterling of NOM

The Mayor and Police Chief introduced "MesaRides", committed their full support in dramatically improving safety for all cyclists in Mesa. Mayor Smith acknowledged that Mesa is "one of the best places to ride a bike in the country" and also committed that he will actually ride in the new Tour de Mesa in April along with City Manager and Chief Milstead. I presented each of them a "Not One More" jersey to ride with and I had previously given the Mayor a Brumbys jersey as well. I need to acknowledge Mark Venti (Mesa City Transportation), James Hash (Mesa City Bicycle Advocate), JD Dockstader (Assistant Parks & Rec Director) and Jean Destories (jason's mom) (Mesa Transportation Safety Educator) for their constant support. These are Brumbys in our gang that help fight the good fight on our behalf daily as their vocations. Thank you!
It was a wonderful display of public support for cycling after many long hard efforts on behalf of Dara, myself and many others. Dara and I were both given time to address the press, telling our stories of the founding of the Brumbys and the terrible accidents we've seen over the years, including Dara's, that led to our activism in founding "Not One More".

Several of our local bike shops were also present representing the critical link of business partnership for cycling in Mesa as well (Global, Two Wheel, Paragon and DNA). We thank them for their support of our cycling advocacy as well. All of our Shops are wonderful contributers and supporters!!!

Click here for the "MesaRides" Campaign initiative press release, which as the Mayor says below is a "matter of life and death". We appreciate and are thrilled with the support of Mesa. We believe that "MesaRides" will have an ongoing impact and help dramatically increase safety awareness of motor vehicles towards cyclists on our streets in our community. We also believe there will be improved enforcement and adherence to the existing laws and future revisions for both cars and cyclists.

Thank You Mayor Smith and Team Mesa for your support! Ride on and Ride Safe in Mesa!!!!

Sterling Baer & Dara Schulenberg
Not One More Cyclist Foundation

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