Thursday, September 1, 2011

Peoria 107th Ave Road Diet in jeopardy

107th Ave, Peoria, AZ road diet
Cyclists, please check out this section of 107th Ave in the city of Peoria and register feedback.

In July 2011, the City of Peoria implemented a road diet on 107th Avenue from Northern Ave to Olive Ave, reducing the number of travel lanes from two in each direction plus a center lane to one in each direction with a center lane, bike lanes, and a buffer lane between the bike lane and through lane that is not to be used by vehicles.
The City has received a great deal of negative feedback from a group of citizen who want the street back to the old configuration. There is no justification for the extra lanes - it is purely driver preference because they want to have the ability to pass slow moving vehicles (those travelling at the posted speed limit). Unfortunately, the only voice the City is hearing is people opposing the change, as the people who like the change would have no reason to speak up.
The pressure is increasing and the City might be forced to go back to the old striping configuration to the tune of $100,000 of wasted funds (while reversing the progress made by promoting the ideals of Complete Streets). We will be scheduling a public meeting in late October. When I have the date, time, and location of the meeting, would it be possible for the Coalition to get the word out to those who support the current striping configuration with the reduced number of lanes? Any support would be greatly appreciated.

Brandon Forrey, Transportation Planning Engineer
Engineering Department City of Peoria
9875 N. 85th Avenue Peoria, AZ 85345
Office: 623-773-7201 Fax: 623-773-7248

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