Saturday, September 15, 2012

Road Hazard Hotline

If you are out riding and spot some dangerous road hazard conditions (Cattle guards, dangerous longitudinal cracks and rail road crossing pavement buckling, etc. Generally NOT simply debris.).

Please contact us with and include the following information:
  • Type of hazard (description).
  • Detailed location.
  • Date observed.
  • Your Contact information 
A volunteer from the Coalition will bring this to the attention of the relevant jurisdiction. In tough budget times we might be able to help out our local, county and state transportation folks, prevent some bicyclist injuries (or worse) and earn some points toward future cooperation.

To report a hazardous road condition | email:

Or, Directly Report the Hazard --


Michael said...

For City of Phoenix, use Street Maintenance/ADA Problem Reporting Form at

For State and US highways, contact the appropriate ADOT District office:

azbikelaw said...
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azbikelaw said...

some others:

City of Tempe - "Street Repair" "bike path" Other

City of Mesa -

Town of Gilbert -

City of Scottsdale -

City of Glendale -

City of Peoria -

General contact ADOT:

November 27, 2012 12:10 PM