Sunday, January 8, 2012

Meet Robert Jenson

Bob Jenson
Bob is the Coalition's Vice-President. 
Robert started riding a bicycle about ten years of age, and was inseparable from it through grade school and even University.
He volunteered for several years in the Phoenix Recycles Bicycles program rebuilding bicycles for homeless, schools, job transportation and special needs until the program was shut down by the city as being too expensive. He rode for several years for the MS Society in the Parker Dam Ride, and commuted to work for over thirty years. He was involved in the last two bike maps that were published by Wide World of Maps, and has since been involved in the updating of the MAG bike maps.
Along with Peter Mather, he has been the driving force behind the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists swap meet for the past twelve years, and is now turning over the reins to another group. He has been active in attempting to get more cyclist involvement in the design and building of new facilities that would have previously been designed strictly for motorized travel with no cycling facilities. An active cyclist, heʼs out on the road usually three days a week now since retirement instead of the five while gainfully employed.
He joined the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists many years ago because of a desire to improve conditions for cyclists and to help cyclists learn how to behave on our roadways. We have too many injuries and fatalities, and the CAzB organization is here to help curb these issues.

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