Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chandler Centennial Family Bike Ride; Volunteers Needed

We’ll be needing some volunteers to chaperon the 7.4 mile family ride that starts at 9:00AM. It’s a great opportunity for some in the East Valley to ride to the ride, volunteer, and ride home. Linda and Bob B will be working the SAG stop at the turnaround point so you can come by and make them jealous that you are riding and that aren’t! Contact Bob B if you can help: bobb@cazbike.org

Check out the Chandler Century jerseys with the CAzB logo on the back left pocket. These will be available, but in very limited quantities, so they will likely be gone very quickly if not before ride date. I understand there may be a re-order if there is large demand, so ask about that if you want one and get aced out. Our logo will also be on the t-shirts.

Full Details on the Chandler Centennial Family Bike Ride being held 3/31/2012


Blushing Eagle said...

Do you know where we find out how we get our hands on one of those jerseys? There is nothing on the CoC website for this ride nor the imAthlete registration site.
Harold in Marana

Bicycle Bob said...

I suggest contacting AnneMarie.Riley@chandleraz.gov for pre-sales info. Bob B

Bicycle Bob said...

Suggest you contact AnnMarie.Riley@chandleraz.gov

Blushing Eagle said...

Thanks, Bob. They're actually selling them via imAthlete now. Picked one up when I registered for the ride today.