Monday, October 17, 2011

CAzbike Officers

The (new) Board of Directors elected the following slate of officers at their first meeting which was held October 17, 2010:
  • Bob Beane - President 
  • Bob Jenson - Vice President 
  • Kathy Mills - Vice President of Education 
  • Gail Hildebrandt - Treasurer 
  • Sheila Foraker - Secretary

Results of elections for Board of Director seats at the 2011 Annual meeting held Oct 10:

Gene Holmerud, and Alison Van Uum will be stepping down as board members -- the Coalition would like to thank them for all their hard work over the years. Alison will stay on as Membership Chair, and Gene will continue to monitor Rail safety issues relating to bicyclists.

The following board members will retain their seats:
  • Sterling Baer, 
  • Bob Beane, 
  • Sheila Foraker, 
  • Bob Jenson, 
  • Mike Kitchen, 
  • Kathy Mills.
New board members include:
  • Ed Beighe; Ed is currently the Coalition's webmaster.
  • Mary Kaye Black; Mary Kaye is the Coalitions Eastern Arizona Representative.
  • Wayne Churchman; Wayne is also PBAA's event director for El Tour de Mesa.
  • Gail Hildebrandt; Gail formerly served as Coalition president.
  • Sheryl Keeme; Sheryl is the founder of Girls Gone Riding., and organization to help and encourage women to participate in bicycling.
Officers will be elected at the next board meeting.
For those of you who plan in advance: the Coalition's 2012 Annual Membership Meeting will be held Monday September 10, 2012.

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