Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Phoenix Political Pedal Power (P4) endorses greg Stanton

During the November 1, 2011 meeting of Phoenix Political Pedal Power (P4), the responses from the Candidates for Mayor of Phoenix were evaluated. P4 sincerely appreciates the time and effort given by each candidate.

The objectives of P4 are to influence the elections and decisions of City policy makers towards the betterment of Phoenix so that our favorite mode of transportation and recreation is encouraged, education is provided on safe and effective use of a bicycle, facilities are engineered in the same way, rules of the road are enforced for all users of the roadways, and how these efforts are progressing is evaluated regularly. Some of the questions included aspects of sustainable living. Cycling and sustainability, particularly the public transit aspects, have a strong synergy. Each benefits from the other, hence this topic was included in our questions.

The members found that a few of the answers were equally in line with our objectives. At the same time each candidate's approach to the role of City Government became apparent. We found that the preponderance of answers by Mr. Stanton were substantially more in line with our objectives. Further, Mr. Stanton's track record of cycling considerations vis a vis question number six was clearly ahead in our judgement.

Therefore, Phoenix Political Pedal Power endorses Mr. Greg Stanton for Mayor of Phoenix and encourages anyone eligible to vote in this November 8 election to vote for him.

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