Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meet Sheila Foraker

Sheila Foraker
Sheila is the Coalition's Southern Arizona Representative. 
I love bicycles. If it has at least two wheels, I'll ride it (two wheel minimum, since I haven't figured out unicycles). Knobby, skinny, 20" - 29," fixed, single or geared, its all good. I love to race, but I'm cool with taking it easy on the bike path.
My first bike was a blue and white girl's 24" Murray Missile. When my friends were getting bikes with banana seats I wanted one, too. My parents said there was nothing wrong with my bike. Sorry mom and dad-wrong answer! I bought a can of gray spray paint, a banana seat and high rise handle bars. Off with the fenders and chain guard and on with paint, seat and new bars. Soon I was crashing with the best of them and loving every minute.
Many bikes have taken me many miles since that Murray Missile, but I've never forgotten the freedom it offered. As a League of American Bicyclst's Certified Instructor, I work to revive that feeling in people I teach. Whether working with kids or adults, road bikes or mountain bikes, its all the same. Getting people on bikes is always a good thing.


Bob Beane said...

Sheila "Rocks" both on the bike and in her dedication to educating bicycle riders of all ages and tire widths. If you have not yet met her, please make the effort to contact her or find her at one of the many large rides where she is participating or working an educational booth. She has a passion rarely matched for two-wheeled fun and fitness.

Bob Beane said...

Sheila "Rocks" as an advocate for bicycling regardless of age or tire width. She is passionate about bicycling, is a very skilled educator and can ride most of us into the ground (and make us feel OK about it after the fact). She gets two thumbs up from the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists and friends.